Thursday, April 24, 2008

February 2005

February 2005
Oil On Canvas

I figured that the first post in this blog should be about one of the most important paintings I have ever done...if not the most important.

"February 2005" was created in the month of my mother suffering a major stroke. It was devastating to say the least and, despite the utmost upheaval in my family's life, I needed to continue to create prove to myself that this is what I am meant to do with my life and not merely a hobby.

Therefore the painting is a visual representation of how I felt during that month, and subsequent months while my mother was in the hospital.

I wanted an uncomplicated composition, but one with impact. I wanted to depict a visual paradox....being claustrophobic within a spacious environment. My body language reflects an almost fetal position while the air around me, normally refreshing, feels oppressive.

Every time I look at this painting I remember that month.


digant sutar said...

nice work...
colours r more friendly to me than words.
bt i liked ur work.
n hopeing to see more
take care

Corinne said...

February 2005 is one of my favorite paintings of your body of work. Mostly, I prefer your self portraits. You have this amazing ability to capture the nuances of emotion and with the self-portraits, you bare your true self on the canvas.