Monday, January 9, 2012

"Clothesline, Fogo Island"

" great souls I sail before the wind without a watch,
and never reach the shore."~Henry David Thoreau

There are few places as evocative as Newfoundland. I have waxed romantic about this province before and I must take a moment to do it again. "Clothesline, Fogo Island", oil on panel, 30"x40", brings me once again back to that windy day driving around this small island on the northeastern coast of Newfoundland. Here is a link so you can see where it lies.

There is unique character to Newfoundland that makes it instantly recognizable. Certain destinations that we have had the good fortune to experience and explore remain within us while others fall away. Why is that? I believe it is because those places hit us like tuning forks with a resonance that we almost cannot explain. And it is okay not to be able to explain them. Perhaps when words fail us we are not meant to have them anyway. We simply must be held captive by Newfoundland, or Alaska, or Patagonia or wherever calls to you.

I am working on a painting currently, that a good friend saw (keep in mind I had only worked about eight hours on it) and he said "I think I've been there!" He was correct. We talked about it and he had. That is the power of landscape, to have set an indelible print within your mind that you are instantly taken back there when you even see a hint of its final rendering. Here is the painting to which he referred:

I am planning on doing a time-lapse video of this painting with the help of a friend. I will post it here when the piece is completed.

In "Clothesline, Fogo Island", I rendered the clothes in a more detailed way, while keeping with a more expressive rendering of the landscape behind them. Similar to the other clothesline I painted years ago, I wanted the clothes to almost want to fly off of the canvas and out over the water. The painting is now available at Abbozzo Gallery, where I will be having a solo exhibition of my work this coming autumn.

In other news I will be giving a lecture at the Burlington Art Centre for the Burlington Fine Art Association this month. I am excited to talk with other artists about the creative process. Also, this spring I will be a guest lecturer at the Western Kentucky University. I will give a talk, participate in artist critiques and have a small exhibition of my paintings at the university over the course of my visit. What a great opportunity! I have never been to Kentucky and look forward to an exciting road trip.

Here is a painting that I recently completed for a friend. Cats' eyes really are windows to their souls...our furry friends make life beautiful, don't you think?

I hope that 2012 is off to a great start for you. Wishing you happiness in your art and life and thanks for reading!

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