Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Autumn Newsletter


I hope that you had a terrific summer and are settling into the routine that usually arrives with the onset of autumn.

I have been away for much of the summer on different journeys on either side of North America. The result is inspiration for at least two exhibitions of paintings.

The first journey was to the Alaskan Interior to visit Bus 142 on The Stampede Trail. This is the place where Christopher McCandless lived and tragically died following his amazing two year journey of self-discovery. His memory lives on in the hearts of so many who have been inspired by the way he chose to live his life. I visited the bus twice amidst my other travels in Alaska and am planning on having an exhibition of paintings about the entire experience. You can read about these travels on my other blog, Heather's Paintings and Musings

Newfoundland was my second destination, a place like no other I have ever visited. Through the kind generosity of esteemed artist David Blackwood and my Oakville dealer, Abbozzo Gallery, I traveled to Newfoundland to do research for another exhibition of paintings. This show will take place in the autumn of 2009 at Abbozzo Gallery in Oakville, Ontario. Newfoundland resonated with me very strongly as it has with so many others. The people and the land itself are inextricably woven together and I want to try to convey this connection in my work. I will provide more information as the show approaches. 

In the meantime I have some new work at the Toronto International Art Fair which takes place from October 2-6th at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. My paintings will be at booth 314 with Loch Gallery. It is a great opportunity to see what is happening in the art world in Canada, as well as a great selection of galleries from the U.S. and other international locations.

"Conrad", oil on canvas, 30"x30"

"Laura, Cusp", oil on canvas, 30"x24"

For the next few months I will be putting the brushes to the grindstone and working diligently on new work. 

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions. I wish you health and happiness this season and remember to glorify every moment.

Warm Regards,


"To be free is to have achieved your life."
~Tennessee Williams

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